What You Should Know About Secure Password Requirements

What You Should Know About Secure Password Requirements

Passwords are required just about everywhere as we navigate the web. We secure our social logins, streaming accounts, home security, and so much more with them. How do we make sure that hackers, social engineers, and unauthorized users stay out of these accounts? Protected logins are the number one way to keep access secure. We protect these logins with strong and secure passwords.

What Makes a Password Strong

A password is considered strong when it becomes difficult for a human or machine to guess. Password strength can be achieved by adding more characters, randomizing these characters, and including at least a few that aren't just letters. Strong Passwords typically have at least 10 characters, A mixture of letters and numbers, and include at least one special character ( e.g., ! @ # ? ).

How to Create Strong Passwords

Strong passwords should be formed by alternating each character with at least two numbers, such as !*=^ , or oEz5@KmZ. We could sit and brainstorm unique passwords for each account that we log in to and try to remember them all, but this is time consuming, and difficult. We recommend the use of a Password Manager to create a strong password for each account. Tilig is an extremely useful tool to not only store usernames, but to also generate secure and unique passwords for each one.

What You’ll Find

We’ve gone around the internet and tested password requirements across the top 50 websites of 2021! We wanted to design a password generator that remains secure on each website without overcrowding text fields, and without breaking their rules. We’ve found that most websites allow for up to 12 characters, require at least one number, and allow for special characters (like !$#). Tilig’s password generation can easily create these unique passwords for each website in just a few seconds, all while remembering them for you. According to security.org a password meeting all of these requirements would take a normal hacker 34,000 years to brute force! With Tilig’s unique password system, it’s like adding all of those years to each and every account. We have yet to find any person with that much time on their hands..


Hopefully, you learned a thing or two! When managing password information for your own security, or your family’s, always make sure to use a secure password. This is critical when dealing with personal information, financial transactions, and so much more. Always use different passwords for each account, randomize the characters, use special characters, numbers, and make it easy with Tilig!

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